A Mugging

Yesterday evening was very warm again.  The peregrines all flew around periodically, sometimes swooping, grappling and playing.  Mostly they sat in the shade, or with their backs to the sun.

Mum brought in a small meal at one point – she sat on a pinnacle and started to pluck it, when no. 36 (the same one who bullied her brother at the weekend) stole it and took it into a turret for herself.  She’s certainly not short of confidence!

One of the juveniles flew quickly around the cathedral from east to south, and almost collided with a pigeon going the other way.  After a moment to regain her composure, she changed direction and chased the pigeon, stooping low to try and catch it.  The pigeon lived to see another day.

Just before sunset, five of the birds were flying, and came back together, four of them almost landing on top of each other on the NW turret.  What a sight!

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The life of the famous Chichester Peregrines that live on the cathedral spire.
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