Hunting frenzy

What an evening!  It was still very hot at 5.30 today, and the peregrines were obviously feeling it.  Two were visible (dad and our young boy), with their wings held out from their bodies, and their beaks open to keep as cool as possible while sitting in the sun.  I hadn’t been there long when dad took off and tried to catch a pigeon on the cathedral.  No luck.  Shortly afterwards, a female juvenile took off and had a go at another pigeon, missed, so went for a third, chasing it around for a while.  My bet was on either no. 36 or 37.  When she landed, I got a clear view of her ring – number 34!  Go girl!  She’s obviously overcome her timidity and let her instincts take over.  What a great show!

Dad later perched on the narrow ledge below the balcony, and a pigeon almost landed next to him, hesitated, thought better of it, then tried again, almost landing on top of him.  It seemed perplexed and landed instead on the green roof below, ruffling its feathers in confusion.  Dad sat for a moment, then swooped for the pigeon, narrowly missing it.  Apparently he objected to being attacked by a pigeon!

We saw dad and juveniles having a few more goes at pigeons during the evening, none successful.

Just as I was leaving (9pm), having packed up my telescope, four peregrines noisily flew in to the cathedral, circling round.  Dad landed with prey and proceeded to pluck it while the others continued flying.  Then one of the juveniles flew in carrying a scrap, presumably passed to her by mum.  Supper at last!

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The life of the famous Chichester Peregrines that live on the cathedral spire.
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