Synchronised hunting

The whole family were out this afternoon, then my wait was rewarded by a lone juvenile returning to the cathedral and hovering level with the top of the spire for a few moments, circling round, then going back out to join the family.  A short while later, she (no. 36) came back again and perched on a west pinnacle.  She was soon joined by her sister (no. 34 – the last to fledge) who sat just below her.  They enjoyed the sunshine for a while, then no. 36 flew off, leaving no. 34 alone looking very worried and ultra-alert.  She sat looking around with a slightly panicked expression, and tried preening herself, but couldn’t relax.  Thankfully, a few minutes later as the 5.00 bells were ringing, the parents both returned, mum carrying food into the NE turret.  Both girls squawked excitedly and sat on top of the turret while clouds of feathers flew out from the dinner being prepared.

I don’t know where the other two juveniles were during that time, apart from a couple of minutes of hunting practice over the cathedral before they disappeared again.  One managed to grab hold of the other’s back in mid-air, but let go (whew!), then they spotted two pigeons flying together and headed after them.  They followed them around, ‘hunting’ side by side for almost a minute – at one point, both pigeons were above the peregrines.  I don’t think they’ve quite got the hang of it yet, lucky they’re still being fed by mum and dad!

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The life of the famous Chichester Peregrines that live on the cathedral spire.
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