Posing for the finale

Today was the last day of the RSPB project in Chichester.  The peregrines will be around and roosting on the cathedral for several weeks yet though, while they learn to hunt.  We’ll still be there with our telescopes and cameras regularly to keep an eye on them and update the blog and gallery.

It was a super day to finish.  At lunchtime one of the adults suddenly swooped northwards, and was seen chasing away a red kite.  There was at least one juvenile on view from the marquee and telescopes all day, posing beautifully for us.

Later in the afternoon, after packing up, we had a bit of a party to celebrate the end of a successful project (and for my birthday – thanks all for coming!).  Early evening, we had a bit of fast action and a lot of noise while the juveniles chased the adults around, trying to get them to bring in food.  They’re not feeding them so frequently now, getting them hungry enough to work for their food so they learn how to hunt.  This will be happening more and more over the next few days and weeks.

Something we’ve been asked about a lot today was a pair of peregrines in Hove that were on the news.  No, for those of you who are wondering, they’re not from Chichester.  One of them has got a green ring with white writing, and has been identified as being from Brighton.  The other hasn’t been ringed.  Chichester juveniles have all got black rings with white writing.

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