Growing Girls

The girls are getting big now and exercising their wings a lot.  One has been seen on the roof of the nest box and another in one of the turret castellations.

The camera is now covered in spider web in which many bits of nest debris have lodged.  So apologies for the poor quality picture.

They should be fledging by the weekend.

The girls

The girls

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The life of the famous Chichester Peregrines that live on the cathedral spire.
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  1. WendyRob says:

    Hi, Is it my imagination – I have – I think – seen the chicks running a claw through their wing feathers at times, recently. Are they getting their wings ‘ship-shape’ for their intended fledging?
    I have found all so exciting, recently I have had the webcam running all day (and also the ‘Springwatch’ webcam too!) I get the birdsong from both simultaneously which can be a bit confusing!!
    I look forward to seeing the girls fledge safely.
    Thank you for the webcam, it’s been an amazing event for me!

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