Mum and Dad getting on well

Although we were unable to spend too much time at the cathedral this weekend we did manage to get there on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday we arrived to find Mum and Dad relaxing after a substantial meal.  Dad was on one of the ‘spire-lets’ and Mum hiding in the castellations of the nest turret.  The calm was soon disturbed by an intruder in the form of a sparrow hawk, who although did not come very close was obviously an annoyance to Dad, as he set off like a rocket and then rose to a great height, where he proceeded to herd away several gulls that were patrolling the sky.  Mum was less than impressed and kept closing one eye.  Once Dad returned Mum went off to stretch her wings.  We must have talked to nearly a hundred people who were interested in what we were doing and at one stage had 25 – 30 people surrounding us!!!

Sunday was less eventful for the peregrines – Mum was doing some tidying in the nest turret when we arrived with Dad watching from above.  After joining her in the turret for a short while, Dad emerged and sat on a spire-let above the turret and Mum took her favourite position between the castellations of the nest turret.  Once again there was a great deal of interest in what we were doing and because we take a telescope many people were able to see our famous pair.

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The life of the famous Chichester Peregrines that live on the cathedral spire.
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