Six in the air

At last a beautiful evening to to watch our juveniles be put through their paces by Mum and Dad. Dad was very low on the cathedral tonight when we arrived. He seemed to have lost something and eventually we discovered what it was. But first one of the juveniles appeared from the gulley at the bottom of the southern green roof. After a lot of chasing and noise Dad went back to the spot and ventured into the gulley. He reappeared with a pigeon, which we suppose had been dropped there by one of the kids. Needless to say he was chased by all and soon there was a juvenile sitting on the west green roof with a pigeon in it’s talons. As he flew off he was chased by his siblings to try to give up the meal. From what we could see, between all of them they had dropped the food. Lots of screeching and some amazing flying ensued. Six peregrines in the air, a beautiful evening and magnificent flying – what more can I say!!

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The life of the famous Chichester Peregrines that live on the cathedral spire.
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