Comings and Goings

I only saw dad on his own for several days, then last week I saw one of the juvenile females with him a few days in a row, so on Saturday I decided to take my telescope down to look at her and see if I could make out the ring number.  What do you know, she wasn’t there.  Neither was dad!  Nobody was home.

Then, on Monday, I tried again and was treated to mum, dad and the juvenile female together.  When I arrived, dad was on his own, sitting in his favourite spot.  Then he flew down into the nest turret – daft boy, there’s nobody in there, surely!  A few moments later, mum and the juvenile arrived.  I think he just panicked at having got caught sleeping, so he went to the turret to show her he was doing his job and keeping an eye on the family.  I don’t think he managed to fool her!  She didn’t bother telling him off though, and the three of them settled quietly on various perches, napping, preening and enjoying the sunset.

I didn’t manage to see the ring number due to the juvenile’s choice of perch, but it was definitely a female.  I haven’t seen any of the others for a few weeks.  Perhaps they get home later, after dusk…

I passed by this afternoon and saw dad on his own.  30 seconds after I arrived, he walked around to the back of the pinnacle so I couldn’t see him!  What a cheek!  Oh well, I guess he likes a bit of privacy once in a while!

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The life of the famous Chichester Peregrines that live on the cathedral spire.
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