Hail Storm

It was a bit damp this afternoon.  Then there was torrential rain, turning the gutter pipe on the cathedral into a fountain.  Shortly afterwards, it turned into a sharp hail storm.  Now, we all sensibly sheltered in the marquee and cloisters.  You’d imagine that the peregrines would have all found shelter in the nest box or other locations in their home.  No.  Dad was sitting in the castellations on a turret so didn’t get the full brunt of the weather.  He did look rather cross though!  Meanwhile, one of the girls, number 36, sat on top of the turret closest to the wind and driving rain/hail, facing into it (well, at least she got that right, so it wasn’t blowing under her feathers!).  She looked a little worried, and tried holding her wings out and shaking them, as if trying to dry them.  Easier to do if it’s not actually raining!  Poor girl looked as though she’d been swimming by the end of it, and took a long time to dry off, preening in the intermittent sunshine.

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The life of the famous Chichester Peregrines that live on the cathedral spire.
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