Warm and snug in wet weather

This morning started with torrential rain, and remained grey and drizzly most of the day.  The four siblings spent most of the day huddled up together to keep warm and dry, but did get up once in a while to stretch their wings, walk around, preen, and feed themselves on leftovers, before going back to sleep.  When it started raining hard again in the afternoon, mum popped into the nest to check they were all OK and keeping dry, before finding somewhere sheltered elsewhere on the cathedral to sit herself.

The afternoon ended with mum bringing in food.  She took it just below the camera to prepare it out of the nest, and immediately all four chicks hopped down off the box to get fed – she couldn’t tear it up quickly enough for them – one of the girls started helping herself! 

Our chicks are changing noticeably day by day, getting big and strong.  Their facial markings are now very prominent, as are their wing feathers.  They’re busy plucking their fluffy white baby feathers out, exposing the new primaries growing underneath. 

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The life of the famous Chichester Peregrines that live on the cathedral spire.
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