Ravens building their nest……!!

Well it’s interesting times Ravens have built a nest on the north east coronet above the turret…..The Peregrines use the north west turret….this is not very far away…. Peregrines and Ravens do share cliff faces and normally get along as grumpy neighbours .It’s not an ideal situation but should prove interesting. The ravens have not been welcomed by the Peregrines…..Three different adult peregrines have been seen on the spire recently…..and the ravens were attacked by two of them……the gulls are also not happy with the ravens being there….but nest building continues….these are very resilient and highly intelligent birds……we will keep you informed!! Yesterday evening we saw one Male peregrine but were unable to confirm identity.

Chichester Peregrines
Ravens on the spire at Chichester

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The life of the famous Chichester Peregrines that live on the cathedral spire.
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