More pictures of the ringing evening

You can find more pictures of our peregrine family in the galleries of this website.

For pictures of what was happening as the chicks were ringed Click here

and for the view at ground level of the adults worried about their offspring Click here

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The life of the famous Chichester Peregrines that live on the cathedral spire.
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One Response to More pictures of the ringing evening

  1. WendyRob says:

    So, we have 3 females! And, they seem to be going ‘walkabout’ these days!! Although they return to the nest at night and snuggle up together.

    I check the webcam about once an hour (daytime only!), and am so excited about all I have seen. When would we ever be able to watch such exciting things in such a personal, but non-intrusive way?

    I look forward to seeing the chicks fledge safely, around 38-44 days, I read? I am wondering when is the most likely time of the day for this? (I will be ‘glued’ to my laptop!!)

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