Fact Of The Day – How Do They Fly So Fast?

This is the forth day of facts. Today I will teach you about how peregrines fly so quickly.

The Peregrine Falcon reaches faster speeds than any other animal in the stoop, which means soaring to a great height and then diving suddenly at speeds of over 200 mph, hitting a wing of its prey so it does not harm itself when it catches the prey

. The air pressure from a 200 mph dive could harm a bird’s lungs, but tubercles in the peregrines nose guide the powerful airflow away from the nostrils,

allowing the bird to breathe more easily. To protect their eyes, the falcons use a membrane (third eyelid) to clear debris from their eyes while maintaining vision. In 2005, Ken Franklin recorded a peregrine stooping at 242 mph! Here is a short video of that event and how peregrines go so quickly…


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