Relaxing after giving me the runaround

I saw dad on his own in his usual spot on Tuesday afternoon, but no sign of mum.  Yesterday I again saw him, but sitting on the nest turret. I walked around to see if I could spot mum, and spotted her on the E.central pinnacle.  Then I realised that dad wasn’t on the turret any more – maybe he’d moved to the pinnacle and it wasn’t mum after all…  I ran round again, saw one back on the turret, but the one on the pinnacle had gone – was it the same one, or were they playing both with me?  This went on for about ten minutes, until finally I saw one fly southwards – when it landed back on the SE panel of the spire moments later, I saw that mum was already sitting comfortably on the S panel, so dad had landed next to her.  Whew, at last, confirmation that they’re both still there enjoying sunsets together!

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