Fledging Soon?

It has been all go at the Cathedral. After feeding the youngsters ever more often in previous days, Mum and Dad suddenly changed their behaviour yesterday. There were far fewer meals provided during the day, with the adult birds instead soaring around above the nest site, apparently coaxing the juveniles to start thinking about taking to the air. At least one young bird responded by hoping onto the turret’s edge which we think was a first for this year’s batch. This behaviour continued today and amongst much preparatory flapping of wings the young birds often appeared on the turret’s edges, to the delight of those watching from the ground. It seems that it cannot be long until this year’s first maiden flight!

Other events included the chasing-off of a large Common Buzzard by both adult Peregrines, and later on three Red Kites were ushered away from the area north of the nest. Dad struck another Pigeon within yards of  Cathedral creating a big puff of feathers, but failed to capture his prey on this occasion. A busy and exciting day!

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The life of the famous Chichester Peregrines that live on the cathedral spire.
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