Afternoon Visit

The last week has been very quiet at the cathedral.  A few times I’ve seen one or both parents during the day, but none of the juveniles until late evening.  Today, however, I was watching mum and dad while they were sitting together on the NE turret when one of the girls quietly flew in from the east and perched on dad’s favourite spot on the spire.  It was lovely to see her in daylight again!  The adults looked up, saw that she was safe, and returned to their siesta.

She sat for about an hour getting windswept and turning around occasionally.  Then, just as I was walking away from the cathedral, I heard loud squawking.  Of course, I rushed back to see what the fuss was about, wondering if the other kids had returned.  It was the same juvenile who flew around and landed on the balcony just below the parents.  My goodness she’s got a strong voice on her – she obviously takes after mum!  There didn’t seem to be any obvious reason for her outburst, but she continued for several minutes while her parents sat quietly ignoring her.  A pair of seagulls flew over and she looked up anxiously, perhaps hoping it was one of her siblings with food (can they catch their own dinner yet?  I doubt it…  More likely, they’d add their voice to hers, asking to be fed).  Then she moved to sit under the SE turret and eventually all was quiet again.  I resisted the temptation to hang around and see if anything else happened – it was only 6.30 so I could have been waiting a long time!

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The life of the famous Chichester Peregrines that live on the cathedral spire.
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