Inquisitive and entertaining

There are still long periods of quiet while the juveniles have a rest.  When they do get up and move around though, boy are they entertaining!

A couple of times today we saw them flying around, grappling with each other.  I saw dad zoom off southwards with two juveniles trying to catch him.  Their flying is getting much stronger and more confident – catching dad is perhaps a little ambitious though!  Landing is still proving a bit of a problem at times, taking a few attempts.  They’ll soon get the hang of it.  They’re tending to land in places that the adults never go, such as the top of the bell tower.  We saw a couple of them pottering about up there, picking around at whatever they could find, exploring their surroundings.  Every now and then we’d see a startled pigeon or a small flock rush off for shelter, having unexpectedly encountered a juvenile peregrine.

At this stage our youngsters seem to have a short attention span, having a brief fascination with whatever’s close by, then moving on to the next thing.  Rather like small children, figuring out how their world works.

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The life of the famous Chichester Peregrines that live on the cathedral spire.
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