Full House

What a cold, grey afternoon!  It didn’t dampen the peregrines’ spirits though.  An hour before sundown, mum was sitting in the top of the nest turret looking out, and dad was in his favourite spot high on the spire.  She squawked loudly at him and he immediately took off (he must have been expecting it – he usually pretends he hasn’t heard!).  I assumed he was going to get food…I was wrong.  She joined him and they flew around together for a minute before landing on a pinnacle.  The same pinnacle.  She landed, he followed – number four!  That’s at least one mating for each egg she’ll lay (a peregrine falcon normally lays the same number of eggs every year – our mum lays four).

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The life of the famous Chichester Peregrines that live on the cathedral spire.
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