Both at Home!

On a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon both at home and showing some interest in nest turret and keeping a eye on the Ravens who were keeping a low profile but were also going about their business. The camera is installed and working in test mode at the moment and we hope will go public in the next 10 days to two weeks.Pictures are of both birds.

Chichester Peregrines
Chichester Peregrines
Chichester Peregrines
Chichester Peregrines
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Ravens building their nest……!!

Well it’s interesting times Ravens have built a nest on the north east coronet above the turret…..The Peregrines use the north west turret….this is not very far away…. Peregrines and Ravens do share cliff faces and normally get along as grumpy neighbours .It’s not an ideal situation but should prove interesting. The ravens have not been welcomed by the Peregrines…..Three different adult peregrines have been seen on the spire recently…..and the ravens were attacked by two of them……the gulls are also not happy with the ravens being there….but nest building continues….these are very resilient and highly intelligent birds……we will keep you informed!! Yesterday evening we saw one Male peregrine but were unable to confirm identity.

Chichester Peregrines
Ravens on the spire at Chichester
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New Dates for Viewing Days 2020


MAY 2020: 2nd ,3rd, 8th, 9th ,10th, 16th, 17th. 

JUNE 2020:6th, 7th, 13th ,14th ,20th, 21st ,28th.

 JULY 2020: 4th, 5th, 11th, 12th.

We can often be found around the Cathedral on other days taking our pictures so do stop and say hello.

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Happy New Year …..January Sun…….

We last saw our boy Maverick ,well …on the 28th December and with very little activity were slightly nervous that everyone was keeping a very low profile…….a female was spotted last Saturday but still no Maverick very unusual for him. There was no need to worry as both were present today enjoying the beautiful January sunshine ……here’s looking forward to another enjoyable and eventful season in 2020 !!

Chichester Peregrines
Chichester Peregrines Maverick
Chichester Peregrines
Chichester Peregrines …..January Sunshine
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Two at Home…….

Well what a treat on a glorious Sunny Sunday two at home and very vocal . One was our boy Maverick and the female not identified officially but no rings ….so it is likely that Mrs M is back too. It was lovely to see the Cathedral in that beautiful light with the scaffolding nearly down …..the roof part green and part silver …two Peregrines as well magical!!!

Chichester Peregrines
Chichester Peregrines ‘Maverick’
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Lots Happening!!!

On Sunday as we waited for our afternoon gathering quite a lot was going on…..We saw a total of 5 Peregrines , two males Maverick and a very dapper little chap…..unringed …..also 3 females one unringed ,one looked to have a black ring, but we did not get a number, and a female with a green ring 74 born at Sussex Heights in 2016…….so what an afternoon. At this time of year it is very normal for them to be scouting for territory so at this moment don’t read to much into any scenarios….anything could happen and probably will ….a selection of photos below……..

Chichester Peregrines
Green 74 female
Chichester Peregrines
Dapper young chap
Chichester Peregrines
Maverick green 34
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Lovely Afternoon…..!

We had a little get together for all the volunteers and colleagues who helped us so much with the project this year a good time was had by all. Our grateful thanks goes out to all who have helped over the past year wether you were there or not here’s to 2020……Sunday was quite a day at the Cathedral I will do another blog to keep you all up to date…… many thanks to Richard Ball for the photo.

Chichester Peregrines
Photo courtesy of Richard Ball
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Yesterday afternoon in glorious sunshine we went to the Cathedral not expecting to see a great deal….we could not of been more wrong….Dad was around and so was a female … was not Mum……A different adult Peregrine…..Female not ringed… this stage in the year I would only see this as a blip it will be interesting to see how it transpires ….Mum could well be away teaching the youngsters…..I would not really expect to see her until November ….so no problem at this time. As far as we are aware all four juveniles are doing fine … of both birds from yesterday are below.

Chichester peregrines
Chichester Peregrines Dad

Chichester peregrines
Chichester Peregrines Female
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Great to Watch……Patience Needed……!!!

Learning a lot ……takes even more patience than usual….as they are spending more time out of sight to get any photos…..however last night it was a pleasure to watch as all four went to retrieve a small parcel of food from Dad and then scrap over it ……brilliant stuff in the sun……!!!

Chichester Peregrines
Chichester Peregrines
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I’m Off……..!!!

It’s going to get noisy I’m off … will all have to learn how to keep up with Dad…..!!

Chichester Peregrines
Chichester Peregrines
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