Webcam is now turned off but will return in 2018

Pictures courtesy RSPB and Carnyx

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  1. patgeoff333 says:

    Any idea when you might go live?

    Geoff & Pat Morgan Bosham

    • admin says:

      Sorry for delay in reply. We haven’t been watching comments on this page too closely because the camera is not live. It is the responsibility of the RSPB to get the camera live and they have not told us when this will be. When it does go live it should give amazing pictures because we have sponsored a new HD camera.
      We hope it will go live before the first egg is laid which is usually around the 26th March. Don’t worry we will tell you when it is live on the home page of this site.

  2. patgeoff333 says:

    Where is the camera? First peregrine egg laid last night Nottingham Trent (10.30pm) visible now on their webcam NOW.Sad ours is delayed, or is 14th March too early for egg to survive?

  3. patgeoff333 says:

    Does it look like we she / has a chick? Classic wing spread

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