Waiting for his partner……

On the eve of Valentine’s Day our Male green 34 was waiting on the top of the spire for his mate……sitting close to a very different gold bird…..no sign of the female better luck on Valentine’s Day perhaps….

Chichester peregrines
Chichester Peregrines
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Caught Snacking……!

Our Male was quietly snacking this afternoon and was rudely interrupted by the female who thought he had eaten enough……the result was quite spectacular…….!

Chichester Peregrines
Hey that’s mine….. Chichester Peregrines….
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Chilling in the Sun……

Just me today …….our male having a quiet afternoon chilling in the sun. It was very cold but he was making the most of enjoying a very beautiful winters afternoon.

Chichester Peregrines
Male Peregrine chilling in the sun
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Lazy Sunday Afternoon…….

On a Blustery afternoon our Male was found snacking and chilling on his plucking Sation all was calm and relaxed….no sign of the female on this occasion…..

Chichester Peregrines
Male Peregrine
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Project update…….

Just to keep you all updated….. This morning saw a very successful meeting with the Cathedral and SOS……The project will be moving forward without the RSPB…..due to business reasons…..It is being jointly funded and run by Chichester Cathedral, David Shaw Wildlife and the Sussex Ornithological Society. To most it will mean very little difference there will be live webcam pictures as usual on the web all updates on the blog and Facebook will be there…..There may well be more info than before on the Cathedrals website as well .We are hoping to run a series of Open Days at weekends for public viewing (unfortunately has to be weekends due to our own work commitments ) and of course as many of you know it is very easy to find us during the season in the evenings watching and taking pictures of the birds. We would ask any volunteers who use to help and wish to continue to please email your contact details to us via the Chichester Peregrines website.(www.chichesterperegrines.co.uk) Looking forward to an exciting new season……Thank you all for your continued support……!!

Chichester Peregrines
Male Peregrine Chichester Cathedral
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Happy New Year….Both in Residence!!

Today Wednesday the 2nd January 2019 saw both Male and Female in residence on the Cathedral. The female spent some time inspecting the nest turret and then just sitting enjoying the afternoon sun. Meanwhile sitting down on the plucking station the male had a crafty stash of food which he proceeded to eat.

Chichester Peregrines
Female Chichester Peregrine
Chichester Peregrines
Male Chichester Peregrine
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Juvenile Intruder

Beautiful afternoon saw an un-ringed juvenile come in to have a look at the Cathedral…he was not welcomed and chased off as soon as he came in close to the spire …..showing that green 34 is very much in charge of the cathedral.

Chichester Peregrines
Peregrine Green 34
Chichester Peregrine
Juvenile Peregrine Despatched
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New Website for 2019……..!!

There will be a new Website for 2019 for www.chichesterperegrines .co.uk at the moment the site is under reconstruction. Both birds have been seen on the spire in the last few days. Exciting time ahead for the new season……

Female Peregrine
Female Peregrine
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Female back…….!!

There is now a resident female back on the Cathedral I will do my best to profile photos to work out if it’s our old female back or a different bird. Oh it would be so easy if she had a ring ……but what great news to have a female back……pictures from yesterday ……







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A new Partnership?

On 6th November Male Green 34 and an unringed female were seen together on the Cathedral by Graham.  She was looking into the nest turret and he was close by.  Is this the start of another beautiful friendship??  We will keep you posted.

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